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  • Cairo Takes the Lead at Being the Most Polluted City on Earth


    A few months back, it was reported that Cairo was ranked as the second noisiest city in the world, and guess what? Just today we found out that Cairo tops the list of the most polluted cities on earth.

    The study made by Eco Experts classified different countries based on air, light, and noise pollution. We are starting to see why people are trying to move to Dahab and areas/cities uninhibited by cars, wedding motorcades, filthy street litterers, or anyone endangering your peace of mind, lungs or sight.

    The report added that the Egyptian Ministry of Environment declared that air pollution skyrocketed from 2014 to 2017, reaching 81%. Cairo was followed by Delhi, Beijing, Moscow, Istanbul, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Paris and Los Angeles. While we bathe in loads of crap, Zurich is earth’s heaven because it is the cleanest city of them all.

    The study was conducted on 48 cities, citing sources from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Mimi Hearing index.

    The author of the study, Fran Whittaker-Wood said “when you think of pollution, you’ll probably be imagining smog-filled air hanging over cities and shrouding the tops of skyscrapers. But there are other kinds of pollution—some visible, some invisible—that can make life in an already noxious city that bit more unpleasant. Think deafening noises and blinding lights.”U

    Update: The issue was first caught on by Forbes, but yesterday, the Ministry of Envrionment issued a press release that discredited the information published by Forbes. The Ministry added that it is the only credible source of information regarding pollution, and that it issues an annual report for environment quality.