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  • Cairo Runners Half Marathon – Critique & Tips


    So you must have heard by now Cairo Runners, are doing a Half Marathon at 6 am.  YAY !!

    So will i run this half Marathon? Will I wake up Friday at 6am to run this  half Marathon, i.e. 21Kilometers! Which means i need to go to bed at like 9pm or something to have enough rest? Well, No.

    Not because of anything, but we as egyptians are not trained to sleep early and i am not going to go running at 6am, even-though i love running! I would have found it more interesting to me if they said lets start the run at 9 am! but 6 am, and then is it 6 am Egyptian timing (ya3ni 8 am) or is it 6am normal world timing.

    Because i would might pissed if i woke up to go for a run at 6am to only discover that people say what there are other people coming! we have to wait another hour.

    I solute Cairo Runners Initiative, i even solute them for getting Coca Cola as sponsor for the event, after all their colours are almost the same, so makes the branding all better, I only hope that when they got Coca Cola as a sponsor they, are getting the coke’s water department, i.e. Dasani, it would be awfully retarted to be giving out diet cokes to the runners.


    Anyway being critical aside, its a great job guys and Egypt does deserve more fitness things in it, I was just saying how all the people are getting fat lately, so yes amazing job, so to the runners who are super healthy and waking up at 6am I solute you, and as a runner myself, here are some tips

    - Typically to run a half marathon, i.e. 21K you need 10 weeks of training, but oh well we dont have that much time, so just keep on moving if you get tired

    - hydrate , hydrate, hyrdate 

    - CARB LOAD!!! EAT MANY MANY MANY CARBS THE NIGHT BEFORE!   “Carbo-loading does not mean that you should eat three plates of pasta for dinner. As many runners like to say, “Too much ‘loading’ can lead to ‘unloading’ during the race.” Eat amounts of food that you would normally eat, ” “   Have a big meal at lunch the day before the race, but take it easy with dinner.  This gives your body time to assimilate the nutrients, and having a huge meal so close to the race is risky if you’re at all worried about stomach issues”

    - Trim your toe nails, i know this might sound stupid, but if you are running for twenty minutes and you have a hang nail, that shit would be a bitch.

    - I think this goes without saying, get the right running shoes, with the right running shorts, guys please avoid boxers, after 30 minutes of running it wont be pleasant down there, so get the right shorts