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  • Cairo on Lockdown


    Today, Cairo woke up to the ringing of gunshots and mayhem as the military moved in to disperse the sit-ins at Nahda and Raba’a Adaweya Squares.

    The official line out of the MOI states that up to 5 people were killed, and up to 50 injured, though reports are conflicting. Cairo 360‘s Jess Noble witnessed the clear out at Nahda Square.

    “We heard lots of gunshots and saw loads of tear gas being shot….one of the police officers got hit/collapsed on the bridge – we dont know if it was bird shot or if he just fainted. There was black smoke everywhere. Residents came out and cheered, and pulled down the Morsi posters. Some helped capture a Pro-Morsi protester who was trying to run from the police – they attacked him and handed him over to police. Oh and they shot tear gas into the zoo for some reason.”

    Despite a reported 200 arrests,  unrest has since spilled over into Mohandiseen, as Pro-Morsi demonstrators converged on Mustafa Mahmoud Square. Other pockets of unrest have also been reported in Faisal, in the west of Cairo.

    Stay safe, Cairo.