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  • Cairo Journalist Takes to Crowd-Funding Website For Bullet-Proof Vest

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    It has become increasingly dangerous for journalists and reporters to cover the current turmoil in Egypt. But that hasn’t deterred Cairo-based journalist, Ester Meerman. The Dutch writer/photographer/blogger, who is a regular contributor at Cairo 360, has never been the kind to duck danger, and has had a few close shaves – as can be seen in her video below.

    But the determined Meerman isn’t going anywhere. Instead, she has set-up and indiegogo page to raise funds for bullet-proof vest, so that she can continue her relentless work. At a time when conjecture and rumour continues to agitate an already volatile situation, it’s through the work of on-the-ground reporters like Meerman that will lead us to the truth.

    Now that’s dedication. Help a sister out here.

    You can find Meerman’s work at http://storiesfromcairo.blogspot.com/ and http://estermeerman.nl/

    Photo credit: Sándor Jászberényi