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  • Cairo in Turmoil: An Impossible Equation

    cairo skyline

    What a big, fat mess.

    No one gains when blood is spilled; nobody wins. Over the last two years, I’d watch international news coverage of events in Egypt and scoff at the rather melodramatic ‘EGYPT IN TURMOIL’ banner above a news ticker that was also updating me on Usain Bolt’s latest feats. In hindsight, I think I was probably being a little too hopeful. Now I finally see that what I thought to be pretty irresponsible sensationalism is actually painfully accurate.

    I was here during the January 25th Revolution; it was a strange time, but I was never worried. This time, it’s different – hate versus hate is an impossible equation.

    Anger has seeped into everyone’s consciousness. The argument surrounding the events of August 14th – and it’s aftermath – will rage for years to come, but I can’t be the only one who doesn’t buy the idea that you can take the higher ground without mourning what has become.

    By all means, take sides; we’ve all been affected by the fallout. But don’t celebrate spilled blood, no matter which side it’s on; weep for the fact that it’s come to this.

    I hope you all join me in wishing a sense of calm to wash over Egypt in the coming days. Stay safe, respect the curfew and try to channel at least an ounce of hope.