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  • Cairo Gone Wild – Get Stupid

    Cairo Gone Wild

    Cairo Gone Wild

    I am the number 1 lady madge fan ! and being a lady Madge fan, i know she has a song for every situation a human can be in! and before you read this post… listen to this song from the Sticky & Sweet tour

    CAIRO HAS LITERALLY GONE WILD !!  Pictures depicting both Shafeek and Morsi in a negative way is going viral on the internet,

    hell any article with the word MORSI in it goes viral !! [ did i use enough MORSI // SHAFEEK ]] in this to make it go viral ?

    and its like every person is looking for a purpose on the internet now, everyone all of a sudden on my facebook is naturally anti MORSI, since my facebook is the epitomy of partying [[ which my followers have a feeling it would ruin that for them ]]

    well FOLLOWERS !! I ASSURE YOU THE FOLLOWING if partying is what we are worried about … that Sahel season will open not this weekend but for sure next ! Already this weekend the non party venues, such as tivoli, mojo are opening up ! so dont worry about the parties

    and from when aslan is cairo cool in the summer ? its all about The kingdom of Gouna and Republic of Sahel … and if you worried about Cairo Parties …  well check out whats happening this week here http://cairogossip.com/the-week-guide/ 


    but not all people who post on facebook are posting aimlessly, some of them actually have a cause, and to them i dedicate the GET STUPID song, which talks about you should get stupid and talk your mind … because now is the time !!

    and i end this post with yet another ….. MADONNA SONG  !