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  • Cairo Crippled By Mass Power Outage


    Thousands of Cairenes woke up cranky and sweaty this morning with a mass power outage forcing most to leave their homes without coffee, a shower or matching shoes on.

    This comes a mere weeks after government officials promised that the systematic power cuts that have plagued the city over the last few months would soon come to an end.

    News had emerged that the power would be back three hours after it cut out this morning – at around 6AM – though many are still sulking in the dark at home. Meanwhile, analysts predict that deodorant sales will hit an all time high today as those who woke up to no power and no water desperately try to mask their incapacity to clean themselves this morning, as well as the stench of their anger and frustration at a country that seems to be taking two steps back for every half-step it takes forward.

    Cairo Gossip headquarters have, thankfully, been unaffected – we happen to be situated rather close to a police hospital. No one is suggesting there’s any kind of correlation between these two things, of course – we’re just stating random trivia.