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  • Cairo 360 Turns 3 – The Story of Creation


    Three years ago this month, one man had a light-bulb moment that changed Egypt forever. What was this ingenious idea? Its name is Cairo 360; the ultimate Cairo guide, son of Waseem El Tanahi, the Creator.

    In three short years, Cairo 360 has become the bible of life in Cairo. There have been many a young pretender who dared challenge the throne, but all were struck down by the large hand of the Creator, diminished to the internet abysses.

    With a band of lyrical masters by his side, the Creator grew drunk with power, sending his charges to the underworld of Cairo’s wondrous streets, seeking the best that Egypt’s unpredictable capital has to offer.

    Cairo restaurant owners across the lands trembled at the thought as they stood before the Cairo 360 elders, yielding to the star-rating system’s staunch judgement, while Cairo nightlife swelled with fear and joy all at once.

    Shopping in Cairo rose to new heights, inciting wild scenes of local entrepreneurship, while even the incursion of the globe’s most prestigious brands stood at mercy.

    But Cairo 360 is love and love is Cairo 360; and so with all of Cairo glistening in front of their eyes, the ultimate guide to living in the capital can do no more than drop three single tears; each one to represent its three years of existence as offerings to the real divinity: Cairo. And so it shall be held that Cairo 360, son of Waz, the Creator, lover of all of Cairo, shall bury us all and continue to implore Egypt, and the world, to discover this historic city.

    We will you to join Cairo360 at the sanctuary known only as Cairo Jazz Club on Wednesday the 20th of March, for this is a time for celebration, as we honour Cairo 360 and the thousands of loyal Cairenes, with the drums of Amr Hosny.