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  • Cairo 360 to Celebrate Fifth Anniversary at Cairo Jazz Club


    Back in 2010, when the systematic tomfoolery we now call online lifestyle journalism was something akin to an underground community in a barren, post-apocalyptic landscape, something wonderful happened. Cairo 360 was born and here we are five years later toasting to their anniversary at a time when the English-language online lifestyle publication business is booming.

    You can argue that, after the first website of this particular kind was launched, that it would open the floodgates;  but it was Cairo 360 that did it first – and it was an immaculate conception, born free of sin. Stick with us for a second, it’ll (kind of) make sense.

    It was Cairo 360 that first dared to to review, evaluate and judge restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms and much more, fairly, anonymously and with no agenda. But it hasn’t always been easy. Cairo Gossip has shared headquarters at Media Republic alongside Cairo 360 for almost two years now and you won’t believe some of the anecdotes that go around; Egypt isn’t exactly welcoming to critique *gasp* – because how dare anyone pay for something out of their own pocket and then express their opinion about it?

    It’s for this reason that Cairo 360 is a trailblazer; it paved the way for the many lifestyle publications in Egypt today. If you don’t believe us, just take note of how other websites ‘review’ restaurants – the Cairo 360 blueprint is there for all to see. Hell, they even taught Cairo Gossip how to spell, the basics of grammar and the follies of overusing exclamation points – as pre-2013 readers will have noticed!!!!!!!!

    That was five years ago and the landscape, so to speak, has changed drastically. But the fact that Cairo 360′s seal of approval, and its reputation as the go-to reference for all there is to see and do (and eat and drink) pays testament to its lasting impact.

    Woooh! Yeah! Cairo 360! Five years! Yeaaah!

    Well that’s all the kissing-up we need to do – now let’s get to the good part.

    You see, the folk at Cairo 360 really do work hard and play harder – as last year’s anniversary celebrations prove. This Wednesday, the 360-CJC love affair continues, with Cairo Jazz Club once again hosting the anniversary celebrations on a night that will see DJ Hussein Fahmy lead the musical charge with his trademark electro-swing sets.

    Join us as we raises a glass to our sister, Cairo 360, and try to ignore the fact that no one has celebrated our anniversary in the time we’ve been in the Media Republic family. We’re not bitter. We’re just sayin’.

    To attend this Wednesday, email cairo360@cairojazzclub.com.