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  • Cairo 360 Throws Down Gauntlet with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


    Having spent almost exactly one year sharing headquarters with Cairo 360, I think we can safely say that Cairo Gossip has learnt much from its big sister. How to spell and structure simple sentences are just two examples.

    We’ve come to know the guys that make Cairo 360 the definitive guide to living in the capital as a sensible bunch.

    But spurred by either goodwill or an appetite to see people throw buckets of ice and water over their heads, the team – alongside comrades from Media Republic and Event Republic – took the dreaded ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and laid down the gauntlet for some of Cairo’s other heavyweights – namely Amy Mowafi of MO4, Digital Republic’s Karim Khalifa and the boys from Cairo Jazz Club: Alex Rizk, Akram Sherif and Taimour the ‘Gentle German Giant’ Hosni.

    The charity-driven craze has seen people from across the world post their own ice bucket challenge videos and challenging their friends (or enemies) to do the same. The guys will be making a donation, but we’ll have to wait and see if their challenge is met…