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  • Cairo 360 Snobbery Reaches All-Time High with Editor’s Choice Awards


    In the web-based, English-language scandal of the year, online city guide and realm of merciless judgement, Cairo 360, has left out many of my favourite places in the announcement of the 2014 Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards.

    With 101 winners across 30 categories, those callous, ugly, keyboard-pushing apes have left out classics hangout spots such as Qasr El Nil Bridge and the area in front of Hardee’s in Zamalek.

    Furthermore, as a fellow online lifestyle magazine who happens to share headquarters with those pretentious vessels of douchebaggery, I was not at any point consulted or even honoured with a special lifetime achievement award for my years of service to Cairo; and by service I mean creeping around Cairo's bars and clubs like a flaccid sexual predator.

    For a full rundown of the winners - and a reason to be outraged - click here.