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  • byMFL

    nipple overdose

    Marie-France Lakkah, last year sort became an entrepreneurwith partnering with Ahmed El Meligy (the tall meligy) to bring us the summer watch BABY G ( which btw is still selling and on going )

    and now this Summer MFL is bring her brand in called ByMFL, sexy clutches, that can be worn by the beach because some of it has a water protective layer, and is made of lace, while others i personally call it the Balanciaga Nipple overdose, because of the studs that look like Balanciage ones, but over used, giving it this sexy chic rockish punk mood. Which is going with the times now …

    Click here to check out the facebook group where you can order them from   


    p.s. keep an eye out they would be on sale also on http://greaterthanfashion.com/ and http://www.bungalowh.com/


    oh so summery


    nipple overdose

    Lace overdose perfect for the beach