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  • Bvlgari Brides: New Zodiac Wedding Ring Collection


    Marriage; some call it fate, some call it coincidence; some see it in the stars. We’re not talking about tying the knot specifically, but – what for many women and even more Egyptian mothers is just as important a part as any in holy matrimony – that little thing called a wedding ring.

    While many a bride-to-be has their perfect ring etched, in detail, into their minds, Bulgari’s new line of wedding bands really does leave it up to the stars – or horoscopes, to be precise. Whether you believe in the omniscient power of astrology or not, Bulgari stunning new line dedicates a unique ring to every Zodiac sign, and we’re starting with probably the most apt one when it comes to the kind of organised mayhem we’ve come to relate to weddings…


    Indecisive by nature, Virgos are in luck with the fact that they can rely on Bulgari to take care of things for them with the Eternity band – they only choice they have to make is whether to get in yellow gold or white gold. Independent, logical and above all determined, the Eternity bands doesn’t demand attention, but once your eyes fix into it, it’ll have a hold on you – not unlike a Virgo.


    Luxury-loving Libras will find equally giddy joy at Bulgari’s Serpenti Wedding Band – it’s a match made in heaven, because, after all, no one can be quite as charming or romantic as a Libra. While many of those born between September 23 and October 23 are laidback, unfussy and overall well-balanced, the Serpenti ring is perfect for that unexpected pop.

    Stay tuned for more riveting ring-based content…