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  • Buy Local with BridgEgypt, Ice-ribh & GIZ


    Whatever happened to that whole #BuyLocal thing? Granted, it’s been a bit of a topsy-turvy year in Egypt, with the coup-volution and all, but I don’t see anyone buying local. Surely this wasn’t another fad – was it?

    Thanks to the efforts local goody two-shoes organisations BridgEgypt, Ice-ribh and GIZ, the campaign that champions local artisans, designers and craftsman is well and truly alive.

    One can argue that the very notion of 'buying local' is laced in all sorts of cultural, economic and political ramifications, but it really comes down to awareness of the increasingly large pool of individual, creative and unique talent across Egypt - or lack thereof .

    To further shed light on this nation-wide campaign, Ice_ribh have scheduled a two day Christmas Bazaar on the 14th and 15th of December where many local products will be on display for purchase - spread the word!

    For more info, click here