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  • Brown Men Can Jump: Egypt Qualify For Basketball World Cup


    It’s been too long since Egypt has reveled in the glory of sports. With continuing with political turmoil – not to mention the Port Said stadium tragedy of 2012 – last time we flooded the streets over sport success rather than politics was in 2010, when Egypt’s football team completed an impressive African Nations Cup winning streak, taking the crown for a third time in a row.

    But the World Cup still eludes the national football team and every four years, fans across the country have their hearts broken.

    Maybe we’re clutching at straws, but we have reason to celebrate again; Egypt have finally qualified for the world cup! It’s the FIBA Basketball World Cup, but it’s a world cup none the less – we haven’t bounced a ball on that front since 1994.

    Next year, Egypt’s tallest men we’ll be shooting international grade hoops in host country, Spain, and if we’re lucky, we might even bring home the gold. Don’t jinx it though.