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  • British Things Egypt Needs


    Locals tend to complain about Egypt’s shortfalls; both those who have never left the country and those who have. Sometimes you go abroad and strike harsh comparisons upon returning home. And let’s not forget the homesick expats. There are just certain things Egypt seems to be missing. 

    In that light, here is the first installment of the ‘Things Egypt Needs’ series – British Things Egypt Needs: 


    Double-decker Buses 


    Sure, you may have seen one in Alexandria, but it’s time we made this a countrywide thing. Think of how many more people we could squeeze in? No more hanging off the door. Double-deckers for the win!




    For a nation that loves fried foods so much, you’d think we’d have added Fish & Chips to our street food repertoire. Instead of ordering McDonald’s as a last resort, we need to be running down to the Chippy. 


    Proper Crosswalks 


    Crossing the street in Cairo is a daily dance with death. Think of all the lives crosswalks could save on the Maadi cornice! 


    The NHS


    The National Health Service provides a vast range of FREE health services. Imagine getting a root canal, appendectomy or giving birth and not having to sell your left kidney. This deal doesn’t include plastic surgery or teeth bleaching, sorry, but all your actual health needs are covered by taxes. Let’s get in on that. 




    These buttery biscuits beat out ka7k any day of the week. #Sorrynotsorry




    The country would be more green and less dusty if it would just rain a bit more. Ok, maybe it would take more than a bit. 


    PCP Car Deals


    You could have the latest and greatest car, and only have to pay relatively small installments every month. After a couple of years, you can choose to either pay a balloon payment and keep the car, or switch it for a newer one and start over again. No more spending 100k+ to buy a car to last the next 10 years! 


    Pillar Boxes 


    Why does no one ever send letters anymore? Pillar boxes are more than just a cute embellishment, they’re a way of life. 


    Telephone Boxes 


    Imagine how useful these would be when you’re out and about and discover your phone credit is finished? 


    A Royal Family 


    After all, what’s a country without a queen? 


    And those are 10 things we should steal from the British.
    Any we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments! 


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk