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  • British Airways get A380 for Los Angeles route


    So after five years of A380 being in service British Airways finally gets its one! This September it will start flying to LA.

    Why is this on cairogossip, well because all you peeps that love to go to LA, maybe you can start considering going flying BA.

    Personally I love flying the A380, I mean it’s big and all, but the real thing about is it has more leg space.. And more to space and stretch out your leg

    This comes part of a much needed 15 billion dollar upgrade to the BA fleet.

    That being said, the BA plane from Egypt to London is pretty much a shit small one.
    however a 4 hour flight on an average plane is worth it for a the long haul of London to LA, excellent one

    20130705-063456 PM.jpg

    20130705-064140 PM.jpg