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  • Breaking: Sinai Hotspot ‘Kiteloop’ Demolished Without Notice


    Early this morning, popular beachfront bungalow camp ‘Kiteloop‘ was bulldozed by security forces. All the camp’s structures were torn down, including 20 bungalows, a kitchen and a main hut. The raid– which came just days after the establishment’s 6th anniversary — was unprecedented, as staff at the facility had received no notice.

    However, we suspect it is connected to the recent government crackdown on unauthorized usage of state-owned property and lack of licencing, as Ras Sudr in particular has recently seen government-funded development.

    According to a friend of the owner, the Kiteloop administration were “working on finalizing all the paperwork [to obtain a license].”

    Enraged Egyptians have taken to social media to express their shock and disgust at the spontaneous demolition. 



    This video, shot in late 2015, shows the facility before today’s events: 


    Authorities have yet to comment on the matter, as we await further developments. 


    By Salma Anderson