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  • breaking news: no parliment

    you thought it was a joke


    news just came that all parliment has been dissolved! its was first step was a third of it dissolved because it wasnt “dostori’ or constitutional …. now they said they cant only disolve a third so all got dissolved

    Reason for dissolution is:  the whole single and group voting is unconstitutional hence they wanted to remove a third of the parliament that where single then when they deleted third of it, they realized removing the third affected the chances of other members, so all got removed !!!

    and in the same time the case saying the Shafeek cant enter election has been rejected so Shafeek still in the election

    people say this is paving the way for Shafeek to win !


    all this is word of mouth and is developing story as we speak (more like type)

    no confirmed sources, if you have more info please leave a comment below