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  • Bottled Water Shortages !! WTF !!



    We heard of gas shortages, and we said ok. We heard of Bread shortages, 2ollna okay. I can even allow tap water shortages and bardo i will say okay! BUT COME TO MY NESTLE WATER OR BOTTLED WATER AND TELL ME THERE IS A SHORTAGE ! كدة  OVER أوي !!

    like seriously … i dont know who i heard it from, but since i am a bottled water whore, I was like screw that shit i am STOCKING UP !! and oh boy did i !!!

    The rumor has that the water shortages is caused by some water bottling plants or water producing company have closed down ! because apparently they went bankrupt.

    with that i say HAPPY RAMADAN!

    p.s. if anybody has a credible source let me know because i tried searching for it i couldnt find, my only source is the supermarkets and general public on the phone !