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  • Boot Camp (Bootie) Sab3a Essentials !

    booty sab3a

    I kissed bootcamp. And I liked it.

    Wait this is not a katy perry song.

    Ok fine, i went to bootcamp and i Loved it. I felt so sore after it. It was the good kind of Sore. So Naturally i went back for more. I shed a few kilos of fat here and there. Added a few muscles here and there. But this post is not about my love affair with bootcamp. This is about THIS WEEKS 7 ESSENTIALS.

    This week 7 essentials is for an entity! the Boot Camp that is. This what the bootcamp owners Nabil Rostom & Norshek Fwazy (the N Squared) need to run the fitness world.

    White Board – For all those late night meetings where everyone’s thoughts finally click and coincide to bring the next BIG idea.

    Back Pack – What’s a trainer without his backpack? Lets have a peak shall we; documents, attendance sheets, Ipad, whistles, flyers, lunch and a change of clothes.

    Shoes – On the go, no problem as long as we have our running shoes we can workout ANYWHERE, literally.

    iPAD – A mobile company would need a mobile office.

    Vitamins – Our grandfather used to tell us to eat our greens and we’ll get all the vitamins we need. Sorry gramps, that was before all those greedy people started poisoning our produce to maximize their profits.

    Music – Nothing beats some nice music on a comfy couch after a long day at work. Keeps us sane.

    Booty-mobile – It’s our sidekick, adventure gateway, second office and possibly our primary home…

    Zabady (cat)  – Well, he’s just The BootCamp’s mascot. 3ady ya3ni.