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  • Boho Gallery Turns !


    ” Boho is a fashionable Bohemian gallery, bringing together some of the best designers in town. All [their] items are selectively chosen. [they] offer a wide range of clothes, accessories, home accessories, hand bags and alot more. Boho Gallery is located in Heliopolis, bringing you the best high end brands both from in and outside of Egypt. We bring you nothing but the highest quality and latest fashion. Boho gladly welcomes professional and amateur designers who are willing to exhibit their items at our gallery.? 

    And guess what it is turning 1 year old, it is celebrating itsanniversary in the heart of Zamalek!! in Le Pacha boat on Saturday the 2nd of March !!

    Check their facebook event for more details ! https://www.facebook.com/events/487656097963552/

    but just looking at some of the items they have selected, for example the Messaround shoes, Joud and Bangles n’ More, i personally want to be the first person there.