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  • Blendr the sex hook app


    So men and actually women if you may, there is an app that works everyone where in the world, it is sort of like match.com where people can hook up but it is location based and gets based on your phone

    So when you open you can find the nearest lady to meet up for “coffee”
    But as with all apps of this nature

    They are typically dodgy! And well we at CG team decided to test it out in Cairo and see who is on it… And below are the pictures of some of the girls

    20130705-011459 PM.jpg

    20130705-011530 PM.jpg

    20130705-011536 PM.jpg

    20130705-011544 PM.jpg

    20130705-011550 PM.jpg

    20130705-011557 PM.jpg

    20130705-011611 PM.jpg

    20130705-011623 PM.jpg

    20130705-011637 PM.jpg