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  • Blackberry Launches New Smartphone While No One is Paying Attention


    Remember Blackberry? BBM? No? While Apple and Android fans continue to verbally joust over the world wide web in the wake of the new iPhone 6, Blackberry launched its own new device this week – the Passport.

    Named as such because it’s about the same size as a closed passport, the new device comes as a Hail Mary of sorts for a company that has been in disarray in the face of Android devices’ increasing popularity.

    The big selling point of the Passport is its peculiar square touch screen and touch enabled keyboard, as well as 13MP camera. Said touch screen will apparently allow users to view a whole desktop webpage, edit documents easily. In addition the Blackberry internet browser has been overhauled into a much sleeker and faster design.

    Many will dismiss Blackberry’s latest attempt to compete with its more cooler, more popular peers, but the Passport retains Blackberry’s approach to smartphones as a device for working professionals. With Apple loyalists becoming frustrated and Android lacking the the functionality an on-the-go suit needs, this could be Blackberry’s way back into the market.