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  • Black & White Gets Colourful With Huge Wedding Event


    While many in Cairo are preparing for their weekly road-trips to Sahel and Egypt’s other coastal hotspots, many others are preparing for the ultimate trip: marriage. It’s a scary prospect for some, but weddings are also one of the few times in life that it’s ok to put yourself under the spotlight with a wave of unreasonable demands – cough, bridezilla, cough.

    But weddings needn’t be stressful, as Egyptian bridal magazine, Black & White, are trying to prove on Friday 8th of May at Uptown Cairo with the inaugural edition of the Black & White Show – a carnival, of sorts, of all things wedding.

    As the first magazine of its kind in the Middle East, B&W have been around for longer than most marriages these days – ha! – and have over fifteen years of expertise in the prickly wedding industry. Kicking off at 4PM, the event has plenty in store for brides-and-grooms-to-be, with the event hosting some of the country’s top wedding providers, covering everything from bridal fashion, to jewellery, to beauty and everything in between – all things that will extend into the event’s fashion show which is set to see notable fashion designers, Hisham Aboul Ela and Samah Mahran, showcase their work alongside the intricate work from Botros Jewellery and a beauty show by La Coupe.

    In addition, DJ Khaled Hussein – seen most recently in Cairo at Cairo Jazz Club and Graffiti, will be in the wings to provide a musical backdrop to proceedings.

    What’s great about the event is that, unlike so many others, it’s all very concise and to the point, taking place over one evening and not drawn out over several days. This actually makes the core point of the Black & White Show all the more powerful, in that it is offering Cairenes the opportunity to interact with the industry’s heavyweights in a much more personalised and constructive way, meaning that that there’s no faffing around – you’ll actually leave having achieved something. These guys know what they’re talking about.

    For more information and to secure your invite, check out the official Black & White website.