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  • Black, Red and White

    Granted last night was one of the biggest protests in Egypt’s history, granted that their might be right now two prime ministers.. Tahrir’s one, which is Baradie and SCAF one which is Ganzoury. Even jokes where made on the expense of byganz with the ganzoury government, but the reality of it ganz of byganz is actually not related the kimmy ganzoury, but in fact comes from a different ganzoury family, the one that are in the medical feild. 

    Granted all the above historic changes we are going through….   that still didnt stop people from partying all weekend long. I might have been guilty of attending one of the outings, but the general reality of it, is that some of these people who go out are also same people that go to Tahrir. They are also the people who were stuck to the news, specially using twitter a news feed. So just because they go and drink, doesn’t make them less patriotic? does it ?

    Actually in a “gathering” I was in last night, people came straight from tahrir at midnight to the gathering, and they were there all day telling us the stories and updating us of what happened, and how petitioned were sent around to sign on the baradie voting thing.  

    So whether you go out to party, stick home to watch the news or go to the medan, remember one thing! remember  BLACK, RED AND WHITE patriotism