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  • Birthing of NXT GNRATION

    the next generation of parties

    the next generation of parties

    There is a new event company formed, well its not really new it has history, and most you might have been in contact with it when they attended a few years back the fairmont Be An Orignal Party, the only thing know the company has a name its called NEXT GENERATION !!

    its an event company a sub division of ORIGNAL BIRTH.  what i love about this company is their vision, they are not doing any of our traditional events, no its going to be taking on a different concept, it will be utilizing venues that havent been done before, think open spaces,  think gardens, think club houses, old mansions and villas, think classy.

    They are not only going to be different by using different locations, but the events will be different where you find an artistic take on the event whether from FUNK TO POP …

    Who are the owners, well eventhough they are heavy weights,  and their names are in itself could attract a mamouth guest list, but they did the one right thing that people should start doing, they are making it less about them, and more about the brand they are creating!! they are literally birthing a brand

    check out they describe themselves, and some of their hot pictures below


    Inspired by modernism, latest trends, love for music and originality, NXT GNRATION brings a whole new concept for Cairo’s nightlife. NXT GNRATION aims to create outstanding events with ground-breaking venues and adding an artistic taste. From funky to pop, each event will bring exclusivity in choice of music, creativity in the decoration and theme, and finally uniqueness in the clientele representing the NXT GNRATION.


    Website: http://www.original-birth.com/nxt


    About Original Birth: http://www.original-birth.com/about-us/about-us-internal/