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  • Bigger than G

    So first day of eid is done and over with, and a lot has went down. From Gouna to Soukhna you can see all the pictures on the previous three posts, but here is what you didnt know.

    Not everyone is in Gouna, a sizable amount of people opted for different options, for starters a big group headed even further south to Marsa Allam, some went to just completely chill, while others just are none stop KITE SURFING

    picture courtesy of Ms. D.C.

    While speaking of Kite Surfing also a sizable amount went to Ras Sidur.

    But other have opted to take advantage of the extra long holiday and head out to london, i am not quiet sure why london is egyptians second home. This possy includes a handfull of socialites, together with an event organizer and even a few young’uns have headed out. Rumor has it that one of the socialites was there shopping for a wedding dress and she well found one Vera Wang, for her upcoming wedding.