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    Who does not have a problem with Dark Circles around their eyes? 

    Almost everybody i know within the scene does, it’s a natural after effect for late night clubbing and lack of sleep. During my routine weekly fat melting session (ProSliMelt) I ran into the owner of the clinic. When she saw my shameful dark circles, she automatically claimed to have the cure and insisted that I try it.

    So naturally my first instinct was YES!!! Who wouldn’t want a free trial of this? My Second instinct was how does this work. Emy explained that they put a cream made of rare plant stem cell, then they use a photo activation method to activate this chemical… and voila no more dark circles.

    The process takes typically around 10 minutes per eye, so in total 20 minutes. For my personal results, I believe there was like 20-25% reduction in the dark circles, not 100%. When I asked why, the clinic said, its due the type of skin and genes a person has, typically different people require different number of sessions for me personally I would require 2-3 more, while other can be done in as much 5-10 sessions.

    Contacts of EMY CLINIC: 01009002244 / 02-33033290. Its located in mohandseen borj el atba2a