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  • Best Social Media Reactions to Egypt Playing in the FIFA World Cup 2018


    For the past few days, our feeds on Facebook and Twitter, have been buzzing with puns, memes, videos, and words of encouragement; all directed at Egypt’s participation in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

    Right after the match, Twitter’s insights showed how much of a spotlight Egypt was under during the FIFA World Cup 2018 match against Uruguay. The buzz continues to this day, and we don’t think it is going to end anytime soon.

    For starters, the most tweeted about athletes were…

    1.    Mohamed Salah @MoSalah

    2.    Tarek Hamed @TarrekHameed

    3.    Mahmoud Trezeguet @Trezeguet

    4.    Marwan Mohsen @MMohsen

    5.    Mohamed El Shenawy @Melshenawy

    Secondly, here are the most retweeted tweets about the match…

    1-Fullscreen capture 6182018 14133 PM

    1-Fullscreen capture 6182018 122140 PM

    1-Fullscreen capture 6182018 122933 PM

    1-Fullscreen capture 6182018 122943 PM

    1-Fullscreen capture 6182018 122947 PM

    Twitter has also added a dedicated World Cup match page in Arabic! If you ever happen to use any of these hashtags #EGY #ThePharoahs, the Egyptian flag will appear right after the text! Cool gimmicks, aye?

    Even Liverpool found itself bombarded with tweets from fans around the world to make a deal with el-Shenawy

    Saudis commending us on the great performance, especially el-Shenawy’s

    Even Gary Lienker had something to say about el-Shenawy’s performance. For those of you who don’t know, Gary Lineker, England’s former striker, scored 10 goals in the FIFA World Cup finals; making him England’s record holder for the most scored goals in the tournament.


    Tarek Hamed got his fair share of tweets as well!

    Facebook, on the the other hand, sent shivers down our spine with lots of live coverage before the match and afterwards! Let us start with a sung-out-loud national anthem before the match…

    Crowd singing Mo Salah a Happy birthday!

    Cheering outside the stadium!

    Not close to cheering, but fun!

    One big happy family…

    Someone is using google translate a bit too much

    Going retro in songs

    Spreading happiness everywhere…

    Just Saad Samir…

    Jealous BFF

    Someone just harassed our “man” TV correspondent, and apparently, Egyptians wish they were in his shoes…

    A more clearer version…

    Papa came home… Caption says: “Point at the kids who beat you”

    You didn’t…

    Ever thought what our first goal would be like? Here is just a bit of imagination


    By Adel M. Fakhry

    Cover by Ahmed Kadry