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  • Berry Man & Peach Man: Cairo’s Mystery Men


    Cairo has its faults, but one thing you can’t accuse Egypt’s capital of being is boring. Let’s be honest – Cairo is a peculiar city at the best of times and there’s something quirky, odd or straight up weird waiting around every corner – non more in recent times than a couple of colourful figures that have been running around the city’s streets.

    Known only as ‘Berry Man’ and ‘Peach Man’, these colourful enigmas have been appearing seemingly randomly across Cairo urging you to ‘pick’ the fruit atop their kooky heads. It’s a phenomenon that has led to a #DaWalaDa hashtag that has had Cairenes scratching their heads even more. The Cairo Gossip team even enjoyed an uncharacteristically healthy lunch not too long ago, courtesy of mystery delivery that turned out to be a hefty crate of peaches and berries carrying the same calling card - #DaWalaDa.

    It’s all come together to form a rather puzzling situation, but more rumours have emerged suggesting that all will be revealed very soon.

    For more information, click – oh wait. Sorry, force of habit