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  • before the storm!

    Heading to Gouna for new years, looking for the party before the BIG BANG party, the party before the storm !!

    Well Misty and Hafez are back at it again in gouna, in a party dubbed as Before the Storm taking place in moods on the 30th of December! 

    with this duo, expect the same crazy of cairo jazz club, the same crazy of last eid Block Party i mean come on the guys played live keyboad !! (K)RAZY HOW DARE THEY DEFY THE NORMS OF AN EGYPTIAN DJ WHO JUST SPINs CDs… the madness  of it all. Well i have been leaked out some info that their might be even some live surprise yet again. 

    I believe this is a party i dont need to hype up at all because as you the names of misty and hafez just sells it all. So be there or be square as they say. 

    (of course booking agency via 1984Management , i mean come on thats needless to say ;) )