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  • Beep-Beep, Vroom-Vroom: Biker Zone is Back, Bigger & Better Than Ever


    Let’s start off with a (kind-of) universal truth that we need to abide by for the sake of this article – a vehicle is much more than just a facility for getting from A to B. For many, they are extensions of the body; a gateway to a kind of freedom that you can’t achieve without an engine. Also, bikes and cars are just a lot of fun – something that Biker Zone has been channelling for the past three years to the giddy excitement of petrol heads, auto-enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies all across the country.

    This year, the fourth annual edition of the most unique expo and show for free-sports, motorsports and biking is shaping up to be the biggest yet. Taking place on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 of April at Cairo Festival City’s The Playground, the two-day extravaganza has plenty in store for those prefer life on wheels.

    (Photo: Biker Zone/Norman Halim)

    “This year, the event holds many new ‘zones’ and different surprises,” said Mahmoud Mazen, Managing Director of the organiser, Phenomena. “All lovers of sports of all ages will enjoy themselves and spend a great time with us, which is our main intention.”

    biker-zone-body-4(Photo: Biker Zone)

    Year after year, organisers have promised bigger and more inclusive events and this year it’s looking to follow suit, with all manner of activity at what is the first and biggest gathering of its kind – a place where adventurers and enthusiasts of this very particular breed can get together and geek-out over the latest and coolest in wheel-based malarkey without the judging glares of those who don’t appreciate the fine art of motoring.

    biker-zone-body-3(Photo: Biker Zone)

    Although the organisers are keeping their cards fairly close to their chests, one of the new ‘zones’ that have been announced is Get Moving, which will be putting the spotlight on the kind of independent sports you get a glimpse of on Instagram and Facebook without ever really knowing what on earth everyone’s talking about.

    (Photo: Biker Zone)

    But some of the old favourites will still be there, including the uber popular Off Road zone, which is set to showcase the best of what the world of motoring has to offer in desert adventuring.

    If the previous editions are anything to go by, attendees can also expect a whole host of surprises and teats that offer something for everyone. For more information on this year’s show, check out Biker Zone’s official Facecbook page.

    By Kalam El Qahaira