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  • BBM Rumoured to Launch on iOS & Android Within Days


    Today, Crackberry.com has reported that Blackberry Messenger is set to be released on iOS and Android systems on September 21st. A beta version of BBM was deployed for iOS, but Backberry have been waiting on the bigwigs at Apple for the green light to launch proper.

    Sources suggest that Jakarta, Indonesia will host the official launch event for the release, with the BBM app set to appear in the app store the very next day.

    Though many have all but written off Blackberry’s relevance in the fight for smart-phone superiority, BBM is still used by 60 million people worldwide. Right now, it’s unclear as to how the availability of BBM to iPhone and Android users will effect Blackberry device sales. I’m just glad I jumped the Blackberry ship before it was too late.