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  • Batool Al Daawi 7 Essentials


    Batool is one of those photographers, who actually is  REAL photographer.. not one of those INSTA-PHOTOGRAPHER, or ones that have an SLR are able to press a button! no  A REAL RARE PHOTOGRAPHER !  She also one of the founders of BLOW CREATIVE AGENCY which does top quality Photography, Design, Video & Editing.

    …. and now on to Batool’s Sab3a Essential

    1- My Macbook. where all my work is done.
    2- My kit- camera & my 24-70  lens-my most used lens its always useful for all kinds of photography.
    3- My phone- i hate it but i can’t live without it.
    4- My Blow! Creative Agency team- Bosaina II my partner & Soha Khoury our make up artist.
    5- My lucky necklace- a tiffany lock my dad got me a few years ago. its my lucky charm.
    6- coffee- i don’t wake up without having coffee and i like to have it in my lens cup- which i got from a close friend, it just makes me feel better in the morning.
    7- Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb perfumes- im addicted.