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  • Bassem Youssef Q&A Live


    So El Venue is hosting a suhor with Bassem Youssef, where you quiet literally would get the chance to ask Mr. B anything you want.

    From what type of underwear he likes (Briefs or boxers) to how does he come up with his material, or who will he pick on, now that the ikhwan are sort of out.

    I personally would assume he would start picking on Baradie, he used to before when his show was on youtube and ontv.

    So when is that happening? Well July 15th is the date! so save it!

    Fresh air, fab views, fantastic food AND a one-on-one with Bassem Youssef. Ramadan doesn’t get much better than that.


    For bookings go to www.e7gezly.com/event/elvenue/

    For more information call them on 1410 or 01024633998

    Where exactly is El Venue, Pyramid Hills, 19 KM Cairo Alex, Desert Road