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  • Bassem Youssef


    Maz Jobrani & B.Youssef & Nadia

    The highlight of the TODOcomedy show for me was Bassem Youssef, and the highlight of multi act as a host was not his tactful political t shirt or the ability to non stop laugh while taking serious note to things but when he came on stage with his beautiful baby daughter Nadia on the stage ! I was speechless because of how cute she was with him :)

    What I loved about Bassem is his constant comparison of TODOto other products, I loved how in one of the jokes he said you can know how a country is from the adverts, and apparently our commercials are now all about underwear ( cottonil, dice )

    Then at some point in the show he got to talking about upcoming presidential elections but masked under the comedy and all hilarious jokes he was saying about it, I knew that there was some serious undertone there so respect :)

    Then he so cleverly got a Hazem abo Ismail poster… again HILARIOUS !!!  The guy is a genius !


    A full house crowd


    The full team of TODO Comedy Show, and NADIA !