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  • Bassem Youssef Goes global

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    with all the Talk about Bassem Youssef, being summoned to the prosecutor general office and then released on 15,000 EGP bail, and all the international media attention on it, considering that John Stewart &  Christiane Amanpour, I was actually wondering how many international new agency covered this news… especially that the B.Youssef dilema is not over yet, appearantly CBC is being threatened to shut down.

    OMG Was in a for a shock. The fact that Bassem Youssef faced criminal charges on insulting Morsi & Islam, has gotten more attention internationally, than the first itta7edia protest!! Ok the obvious ones to post are like New York Times, BBC, Ahram… but then BANGKOK POST ? really ?  The Australian ? Hispanic Business?   South China Morning Post? Wall Street Jounral – India ? Really ?