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  • Bassel El Sawy (Wing King) 7 Essentials


    Bassel El-Sawy is more than just the “Wing King”. Bassel with BSc in Finance & Econmics & Msc in International Finance is taking Egypt by storm as the face of  Egyptian Entrepreneurs (EE) and Wings in Flavour (WIF ) and is arguably one of the most aspiring entrepreneur. As founder and Managing Director of EE, he was relentless in pursuing his idea to get people in Egypt excited about food & new concepts again. Bassel constantly points out that WIF is only the beginning of what he hopes will be a long list of restaurant concepts that he plans to introduce to Egypt’s food industry & MENA Region.

    1. WIF & EE: My baby born & dream came true.
    2. GYM: The moment of brain relaxation.
    3. Laptop: tool of brain storming, creativity & ideas.
    4. Ipad/Iphone: the mean of communication with friends, family & clients.
    5. “When i was 4 years old” Pendant “Ayet El-Qursi: Feels comfortable wearing it.
    6. Car: Means of transportation & accomplishing 1 & 2.
    7. Hot sauce & Yogurt drink: My bad food addiction & eating habits, but i Enjoy it.