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  • Banks says go back to the darkages.

    I as any one here who deals in foreign currency, have a bit of an issue with the Banks in Egypt.

    If you want to transfer between your accounts, i.e transfer from Egyptian to USD/Euro or vice versa i cant, online no more. However i can do if i physically go to the bank.

    I fail to see the logic in that, assuming my account is in dollars, i cant transfer from USD/Euro to Egyptian pounds online. Where as i can do it in the branch.

    1.  I am giving the bank foreign currency back, not using black market, but using their legit system, shouldnt they make that process easy.

    2. Its my money i am free to do what ever i want with it.

    3. isnt the whole point of internet banking is to be able to do all your banking transactions from office / home / mobile. Why the flying F can i transfer between accounts at the branch but not at the comfort of my office. Why do i have to leave my office middle of the day to do a simple transaction, that actually benefits the country, by me giving them foreign currency.

    The only explanation i can think, is that the bank tells us to go back to the dark ages and put our money under our beds.

    Below is the warning message i got from my bank when i logged onto the transfer section