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  • Back 2 Shoes!


    With everyone talking about the next big party to end Spring and to start summer,  Also known as Back 2 Basics SUMMER GATE! The question boils down to what to wear.

    Well lets start with the shoes! Converse all the way! Why well, what other shoes would support both girls and the guys in their dancing needs, and in the same time look hot in it? What other shoes also can support creating an INDIVIDUALISTIC statement, other than a converse, and more importantly as we all know Back 2 Basics, is about going to basics, and isn’t CONVERSE the basics of shoes!

    What about what else than shoes? What to wear in general, what to pair with those shoes?

    Well since this is a SUMMER GATE destination party, where basically you would wear what you take with you on holidays, for you summer escape.

    So the real question, what is your summer destination? Are you feeling frisky and going to Ibiza and having a Balearic flavour? Are you feeling more like US state of mind with east/west coast?  Or big city,  London grunge, perhaps? Or the French rivera with cote d’azur look?