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  • Audi Cup 2013: World’s Best to Battle it Out in Munich


    Over the last few years, Ramadan has been during football’s off-season, both in Egypt and abroad. As if wasn’t difficult enough for grown men to go without food, now they’re going without football, too? Lucky, the prospect of this year’s Audi Cup is keeping spirits high.

    The third edition of the two-day preseason friendly tournament sees four of the biggest teams in the world go head-to-head at the Allianz Arena in Munch, Germany, from July 31st:

    Bayern Munich (Germany)

    Manchester City (England)

    AC Milan (Italy)

    São Paulo (Brazil)

    With reigning Copa Sudamericana champions, São Paolo, big-spending Premiership club, Manchester City, Italian giants, AC Milan, and European champions, Bayern Munich, in the mix, this year’s Audi Cup is shaping up to be quite the attraction.

    But of course, that shouldn’t detract from the sexy, sleek and efficient Audi A1, which will be on display throughout, with team-customized designs. For more information, check out the official Audi Egypt Facebook page.

    So, fear not football fans of Cairo; stay tuned to Cairo Gossip for more on this year’s Audi Cup.