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  • AUCian, dude where is the education ?


    Ok yes, AUC is a big theif ( حرمية ) , no arguing that, back in the day when i was on old campus, i think my tuition was half of what you are paying now, it was like 30,000- 34,000 EGP (but of course i had like a second category sponsorship etc, so they discounted. ) and when i heard people are paying between 60,000-80,000 on AUC now i am was like god damn ! with that amount of money university in the states or UK could be cheaper !

    and Yes student union did exercise before they block the university gates all peaceful methods, and i am huge supporter of the protest, because when you say 8.5% increase on 3 consecutive years, that means  we are talking an average increase of 6,000 pounds first year, 6,600 second year and 7,000 on the third year minimum. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD … WHO IS THE TWAT THAT DECIDED TO BLOCK UNIVERSITY !! THAT GUY SHOULD GO TO JAIL !

    Before you get all righteous on me, and say but we are protesting and all that !! listen up you selfish person !!

    1. Other people have other businesses in university other than classes to take care of.  Stuff like the simplest thing, military papers, some people need to emergency travel because their families are in hospital, or a million other reasons. AUC is not only for UNDERGRAD students, there are other students too ! When you decided to block the university for EVERYONE ! you decided single hand-idly decided that fuck everyone else is not important, except we who are paying higher tuition.

    2. You should be more educated than this barbarism of protesting by blocking entrance. You should think who are you target ? the Administration ? why not block the office of the Lisa !!  hell you want to make a statment, sleep on the floors with your boxers brief only as a symbol that auc took every penny from you that you dont have money to afford cloth. sleeping half naked will grab attention ! or go full Monty on them !!

    People you dont understand something, you as AUCians, sadly are supposedly representation of this country’s most educated.  So when you go barbaric, you affect our reputation, and all news media are focused on you.

    Egypt-Independent said: “ Members of the American University in Cairo student movement blocked the university gates Sunday, not allowing students to enter. Many students did not agree with the strategy, and a few physical fights erupted between them and the students blocking the gates.”

    Physical fights really is that we came too ?

    to end this, i am just saying i am all for the protest, just against the method its being carried out ! i have a friend for example who really needed to travel as an emergency for his family, but he couldnt because that protest that blocked the gate, took that right away from him.