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  • AUC Marches to MORSI HOUSE !


    So a week or ago i suggested to AUC/GUC to march to Morsi’s house !   (click here to read ) anyway and guess AUC  are doing it THIS TUESDAY !!!!! !!

    Okay i will not say i am the one who initiated this MARCH because i am sure the brains in SU are smarter than me… and well from my what i heard from AUC Gossip, is that the protest was initially planned to distrupt the traffic in ROAD 90, but then they thought they will take it a step further! and march to MORSI’s house on tuesday!

    now here is a bit of advice,

    1- SU please contact MEDIA, make sure you have media coverage, why … because media believe it or not protects you, you are less likely to get shot on a camera

    2- do not carry any form of weapons, bats, any of that stuff as they might be taken from you and used against you, or people might say that you are baltegaya and put you in jain

    3- do recognise that the guy has more security than mubarak now so trend safely !!

    4- Make it in Arabic, make the protest banners in arabic, wear red black and white , try to avoid the stuff that the regular folk will call FAFEE, so that people can take you seriously 

    5- Thank you, be safe and take care ! 

    below is the fb event description !

    “إن الطلبة الذين اغلقوا أبواب جامعتهم في مواجهة الظلم والفساد على أتم الاستعداد أن يذيقوك مرارة أن يتم منعك من دخول منزلك مثلما فعلت جيوشك المرتزقة اليوم أمام المحكمة الدستورية العليا ولكن سنذهب إليك مسالمين. هي مش بالدراع يا ريس. نرجوا أن تستمع إلى النداء الأخير.Whether you are with or against the constitutional decree, the referendum or the Muslim brother hood, it has become obvious that street protests are both ignored and over looked by the president while accusing participants of being agents

    and remnants of previous regime with foreign agendas. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW !! we are marching from AUC on Tuesday at 12 pm to his house in Tagamoa, if he ignored those in the squares lets see if he is going to ignore those who stand under his window. We are going there to deliver a certain message with specific demands, you are all welcomed to join regardless of your political affiliations. More info soon “