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    As some of you may have heard, a new page popped up on facebook 2 days ago called AUC Crushes. Basically what it is is a page where people contact the admin with people they have a crush on which are then posted anonymously on the page. This page was the beginning of many sadder events that followed. The first was obviously the creation of the page. It then gained a lot of popularity, which I also find sad. The comments and posts are ridiculous with some people clearly stalking other students and some being too afraid to tell someone that they like them. It’s very weird, I agree with you. Following this page’s popularity among AUC students, other universities such as GUC, MIU, Ain Shams (I’ve heard but haven’t seen) have followed. The sadness and desperation is not yet over. Today, with every AUC student having seen the page, it is only inevitable that some of them feel left out, not having been mentioned. That being said, there is an abundance of makeup and girls trying to look their best today on campus. Not that AUC is a stranger to such girls, but today.. ridiculous.

    If you haven’t seen the page yet, I don’t encourage you encouraging it, but you might as well check it out by clicking here. I was hesitant about doing this because the admin is obviously getting a kick out of his page’s success, and feels that people are dying to know who he is, but whatever.