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  • Asem Tag 7 “Awesome” Essentials !


    Asem is the owner & founder of Awesome magazine, a magazine that actually has interesting content and full of artistic expression! he also recently expanded into the entertainment industry by launching AWESOME Parties, focusing on bringing in QUALITY entertainment, such as Friendly Fires’ Jack Savage and Foals, rumor has it that we should be waiting up for his second party to take place very very very soon.

    and now onto his se7en essentials !

    1-Top left: My glock: to pop niggas tryin to steal ur shit, and to pull shit with other magazines when necessary. represents security in the loneliness and cruelty of this cold world.
    2-Middle right: The crew: each is represented by an object that represents their spiritual being, together they represent love and companionship which are both essential for the journey of learning and understanding that is life.
    3-Bottom left: Awesome magazine: the physical manifestation of my dreams, hopes, aspirations and emotional expressions, the holy book that takes me by the hand and guides me through the wild and untamed forest of life.
    4-Bottom center: my production essentials (minus a keyboard that is currently in use): the extension and expansion of myself where i can be myself, where my most intimate moments and my darkest thoughts meet to create waves that propagate my being and channel it to the universe.
    5- Center: Barbecue sauce: to put on burgers and shit
    6-Bottom right: Money: to buy burgers n shit
    7-Top right: A Cactus: my companion, witness to the being that is me, and fighter of negative energy and ill spirits, we are one and together, and through it i will live forever when my natural life ends, when my biological and physical existence cease to be, i will still be, trapped but free, inside this cactus.

    but wait there is more to Asem !! he is an actor and he just launched a TV Channel ( AwesomeTV) !