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  • Apple’s newest gadget: iWatch!


    I might be 6-7 month late blogging about this rumor, but the only reason when it first started i was like oh… lets wait and see…

    well now the rumor is growing even more, It all started late last december when a chineese tech website saying that apple might be developing their own smart watch that connects with your iPhone, iDevices via bluetooth.

    With Financial Times… yes people the FT, Itself reported that apple is hiring aggressively for the iWatch project, by trying to launch the product in 2014, the article on FT published yesterday with this  link, is below.

    Now for me personal a watch lover, I find it hard to to go up and replace a swiss watch for an smartwatch. firstly what will the iWatch do more than my iPhone? would i just have a watch in my hand and a phone in my pocket?

    Also Apple’s iWatch i would assume would for example target people who wear G-Shock, Swatch, and all those funky colorful brand, but i highly doubt that someone with a Rolex, Britling or a Tag would trade down to a “smartwatch”

    p.s. all images above and below are concept images, none of them are of the actual iWatch, as it isnt developed…..yet!