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  • Apple loses most valuable company title


    To be honest Apple you deserve  to loose the title,

    with a disappointing line up this year, an iPhone 5 that lacks innovation, a macbook that is just an upgrade of the screen with no real new technology. An iPAD mini which has the same technology as iPAD2.  Maybe the only thing that was worth a while was the new Mac Desktop.

    So when news broke that apple lost its title of the Most Valuable Company in the world to Exxon, i was happy. Because as much as i love apple, and as much as i live in a Mac world. I couldnt help but feel hurt with their new line up. I felt i was cheated on. I spend a premium on their devices, except this year it was spent on a disappointment.

    The challenge i think with apple would be with iPhone 5s, Which reportedly would only have different back cover and screen sizes, hardly an innovation.

    well how did it loose its title, well USAToday reported the below

    ” In trading Friday, shares of Apple (AAPL) ended down 2.4% at $439.88 apiece, reducing its market cap to below $414 billion. It’s also less than Exxon’s $416.95 billion (XOM) market cap, returning the oil giant to its longstanding No. 1 spot as the world’s most valuable company less than a year after Apple grabbed the title. “