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  • Answer to why is there bottled water shortages ?


    So here is abit more info on what I said regarding the bottled water shortages …
    You must have seen people go crazy in the super market buying like 4-6 cartoons of water and no that’s not because it’s Ramadan.

    It’s because as per a source of mine 9 local companies have been close down for health reasons , of like aquasiwa, aquamina, and even aquafina (Pepsi’s brand) even< but this was removed from market a relaunched a few month back >

    Well the closure of these companies is putting loads of pressure on the water giants Nestlé + Baraka + Dasani to fill up the gaps even small companies like hayat and Vera are takin over the load.

    So having these companies produce at 100% capacity causes the bottling companies to breakdown every now and then… Hence shortages in bottled water industry of Egypt.

    So there is no water shortages in Egypt just a shortage of bottling it and treating it to making it mineral water ! Which as far as I know for a lot of us is the only water we drink