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  • am a bitch. oh yea and we fucked up.

    I Bitch, Therefore I Am

    This purely an opinion piece of fishie. To kick it off, i will admit, am a bitch. The rude kind, not the other one.

    Today, well actually for the past week, i have been sick of the “scene” to my guts. But as you can tell from my post that doesnt show, because i provide a guide service or whatever i do.

    and who do i blame for creating this superficial scene that we live in ? well US.  and yes we will not argue that we live in a superficial scene, we will just take it for face value.

    Why US ? Who us ?

    - Fishie (me) i blame you! you are so fucking stupid, you only take pictures of the same exact people every time but in different locations

    - Fishe (me) you are an idiot, all you do is just focus on 3-4 bars/clubs which is your friends’ venues, you dont experiment in the new

    - you Fucked up,  because you also gave too much importance to the scene, because you care so much about your picture appearing on all the tabloids, because you care about your looks more than your wallet, because you been easily tricked.

    - often people blame clubs/bars in Egypt for not providing such new entertainment new nights, nothing creative, but well i blame YOU! because whenever a club tries to experiment, tries different music, tries even RnB, you are like EWWW NO, E7NA EGYPTIANS WE ONLY LIKE COMMERCIAL DANCE, but then you go to mykonos, london, ibiza and go all DUBBIE and say how amazing it was… Hypocrites!

    other things i was thinking about, but not really related but well i am feeling rather BITCHIE TODAY ! 

    - How fucking annoying it is, when you find your guy friends walking into the bar/club with some cheap girl! its demeaning to the other girls in the group, by association the standards of the group just go down! boy start thinking with your brain not you rick

    - Girls Fashion Overdose is a party that takes place once a year, check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house

    - Guys, seriously why do you dress in a more FEMININE way than a girl?  ya3ni seriously haram the girls already have issues competing with other girls, they dont need to  feel like they need to compete with the men too ?

    - Grey Goose // belvidere overdose, for the love of me, i am sure there is more premium vodka brands than those two ! that are even hotter !! hello Ketel One, Beluga, U’luvka  or just check this list http://cocktails.about.com/od/vodkareviews/tp/5-Most-Popular-Brands-Of-Premium-Vodka.htm